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Understanding Pain.

When Pain persists. What can we do?

Body sensations are not just about the body. 

Helpful ideas about movements



We know your pain is real.
We know every day can be a challenge.

  • Learn about the science behind chronic pain.

  • Keep track of your symptoms and their impacts.

  • Develop a plan for better pain management and quality of life.

  • Connect with a like-minded community of others who live with pain.


Pain BC website


Recovery Strategies workbook

The book is free.   If you care to donate then know that the proceeds will go to conducting pain and biomechanics research.   

The book is designed to help therapists and patients deal with injuries and persistent pain.  The book can be used alone or can be used with a therapist.


Pain Science workbook

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Inspiration and motivation for living well with pain

Making sense of pain through science and stories. Bridging the gap between patients and health professionals.

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Joletta Belton's blog

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