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The Story (Stories)

I have had ideas for blogs for years. Jotting down rants, expressions of general exasperation and thoughts on the direction of manual therapy. Chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage therapy primarily, but occasional thoughts on health care delivery and education in general.  

We need to do better and I think there are an ever growing band of likeminded souls who are tired of seeing patients suffer needlessly due to the ignorance of well meaning health care providers.

These are my musings and rants.

Please enjoy and give me feedback.

The title stems from an early experience I had when my brother realized that some people shorten Richard to the name "Dick".  He called me Dick once and only once... I apparently have a bit of a temper when pushed far enough.  (who knew??)

The expansion of the theme also has origins from a quote my business partner provided from one of his early courses. It was in reference to a rule of thumb when it comes to treating someone who is experiencing pain. "It's easy...Don't be a dick!"

I did things differently earlier in my career and feel like some of the narratives I had and things I told patients were wildly inaccurate (in hind site) and perhaps even created harm. So I reference my old self occasionally as Dick.  

There's the story behind the title and why I started my blog.  Enjoy a glimpse into my sometimes misguided, sometimes self aggrandizing mind, or at least the parts I can get out on "paper".

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