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Building better care..through evidence (1 DAY COURSE)




8 hours

About the Course

Your frustration with trying to help persistent or recurrent pain will be aleviated. Your ability to make sense of those confounding presentations and folks who seem to not recover will grow by leaps and bounds after this course. We will cover some neurophysiology that explains what/why the pain experience exists and persists in some folks. Our avenues into helping that change with the treatments we provide. What the research says about how we can help change another's pain experience and create change to improve patient/client outcomes. You should be able to help every single person who walks through the door who is counting on you to help them make sense of whats happening to them and guide them to a course of care and action that will lead to improvement in their quality of life.

Your Instructor

Dr Richard Mcilmoyle BSc, DC, GCPain

You know who!! I love doing this. Teaching and helping people gain a better understanding of how to treat folks experiencing pain. This drives down the amount of suffering in the world, especially that inadvertently created through therapeutic interactions.

Dr Richard Mcilmoyle BSc, DC, GCPain
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